Robin Schläpfer, Drums

Robin has been fascinated by music since his childhood. At the age of 7 he first started singing in a children's choir. Later on, his focus switched to piano, until he finally decided on drums. At present he is involved in a myriad of music projects, with styles ranging from classical through jazz and pop to Swiss folk music.

Dominik Sartorius, Piano

Since a very young age, Dominik loved playing the piano. Even though he took piano lessons, he preferred to play his own kind of music. With a friend he produces short movies and films for companies where he always uses his own music. He is currently studying journalism and mass media at the University of Zurich.

Elias Staubli, Bass

For eight years Elias took classical guitar lessons and from the age of 13 he started to teach himself how to play the electric guitar. Soon he started playing around with recordings which led to his dream of becoming a music producer. Currently he's studying music production (Tonmeister) at ZHdK with focus on popular music and the guitar as main instrument. He's a self taught bass player and his wide musical experience contributes to his playing.

Jan Abegg, Guitar

The son of musicians, Jan has been around music since his early childhood. At the age of six he learned to play the accordion, at the age of twelve he switched to guitar and started singing. He participates in various musical projects and earns his living working as a sound engineer.