Lucas Martin grew up on the edge of Wald, a small village in the Zurich Oberland, and started taking piano lessons at the age of eight. He was immediately fascinated by this instrument and made great strides forwards very quickly. His piano teacher saw a bright future for him as a piano player, but he faced one major obstacle: he did not feel at ease playing in front of an audience.

As the years went by, Lucas regularly continued his piano lessons. He occasionally performed in front of small audiences at the school, but he did not enjoy it at all. And this never changed as time went by._A2_0303 However, the day arrived when his musical world was turned upside down: 16 December 2011. This was the day when he took one part of his school-leaving examination. Together with his drummer Schläpfer, he had written five songs and gained his first experiences of singing and songwriting. At the age of 17, he took to the stage for the first time, held a microphone in his hand for the first time and he sang for the first time, instead of playing a piano. And he loved it. It was a whole new and fantastic feeling, and his sense of euphoria captured the audience too. He received rapturous applause and was rewarded by being voted one of the best graduates of the year. But most of all, he realised that he had a future in music after all.

In the summer of 2013, the young man from Zurich decided to start studying psychology. However, after six months Lucas broke off his studies, it did not feel right and he realised that the time had come to do something he had never dared to do before: to give music a chance.

He dedicated himself completely to music and did everything he could to see just how far he could go in the music industry. Lucas bought a guitar, started taking singing lessons and, at the last minute, entered the Orange New Talent Contest, an internationally renowned competition for new bands. Day and night, sometimes for 14 hours at a time, he played in the streets of Zurich and tried to encourage as many people to vote for him as possible. He finally received more than 3000 votes and won the competition!

In the middle of September 2014, his first single “My Ukulele” was released. A song that was recorded in Paris using the prize money from the Contest and that was played on many radio stations all over Switzerland, especially on the French speaking part (Rhône FM, One FM, La Première).

Since the release of the Single, the Newcomer has received countless offers, thanks to his music that brings together pop melodies, rock songs and a touch of funk, blues and jazz too. He has already played all over Switzerland and in Spain too.