22nd of March 2019 06:14 PM Link
My Uuuukulele isch zrugg - und jetzt so richtig! Mir hend denkt es isch höchsti Ziit das Ding in Musighimmel z'jage! 🚀

Düend öi bi dem langersehnte erste Früeligswuchend d'Ukulele mal ufd Ohre. Ihr findeds uf allne Streamingdienst: ☀️🌱
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12th of March 2019 07:34 PM Link
It was about time to play in Bikini Bottom! Geofest 2019 was great! 🐋
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25th of December 2018 08:29 PM Link
Kimi and crew wish a merry christmas to you! Thank you for inviting us Sauber F1 Team! 🏎💨
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3rd of December 2018 05:39 PM Link
Great gig! Thank you for the invitation and the nice hats Dosenbach! 🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🐮
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23rd of April 2018 06:22 PM Link
What a lovely evening - see you next time, MEHRSPUR! 🎷

📸: Tobias Rüetschi
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