Between two stages. For five years now Lucas Martin has been pursuing his two biggest passions: music and medicine. In the spring of 2014, the young man from Zurich had to wait a year before taking the entry exam for medical school. Still fascinated of the feeling when he took to the stage for the first time for his school-leaving examination the year before, Lucas realized that the time had come to do something he had never dared to do before: to give music a chance.

Lucas bought a guitar, started taking singing lessons and, at the last minute, entered the Orange New Talent Contest, an internationally renowned competition for new bands. Day and night, sometimes for 14 hours at a time, he eplayed in the streets of Zurich and tried to encourage as many people to vote for him as possible. He finally received more than 3000 votes and won the competition!

In the middle of September 2014, his first single ‘My Ukulele’ was released. A song that was recorded in Paris using the prize money from the Contest and that was played on many Swiss radio stations, especially on the French speaking part, enabling the Band to play all over Switzerland in the following years. Increasingly living his passion for singing, in 2015 Lucas passed the entry exam for the medical school and was able to step on the other desired stage.

With the two new singles „Hip Heart“ (Nov. 19) and „Memory Land“ (Feb. 2020) he now returned to the Swiss music scene.